Travel to India For Wild life Photography

Wild life photography is one of the thrilling and exciting activities which need more exposure towards the wildlife and it also requires wild craft skills. It is nothing but taking pictures of the wild life animals from the place where they live. Wild life photographers need some special skills that make them to interact with the animals easily. In some cases certain animals are very dangerous and very much difficult to approach and those who have knowledge about the animals can easily handle this situation.

Wild life photographers must have listening and staking skill since he/ she needs to listen to the movement of the wild animals carefully. During the time of emergency their staking skills will help them to hide from the animals to maintain their security.

Useful Things:

An effective picture is an end result of a few hundred techniques beginning with products and conclusion with publishing. Although the products concern is only a small sector, it is a very well-known subject for concerns. It needs high quality digital cameras and focus lenses, etc. When using long contacts or macro products which can be heavy, the activity due to the reflection flicking up out of the way can cause enough shake to demonstrate sharpness decrease of the image. Display may be needed to provide light for a topic in darkness. Because of likely topic activity, a slowly shutter rate will generate a blurry picture. Pick a shutter rate that will provide some shade in the qualifications, or your image will look like a “flash” image.

Safety and Security:

Create sure that someone knows exactly where you are going and when you anticipate being again. This way, if for whatever purpose (like you unintentionally slip and separate a leg) you don’t allow it to be again then, individuals know where to discover you easily. This is the most essential safety measure for all wild life photographers. Injuries are known as accidents because you don’t anticipate them to occur. Take a first guide kit with you in situation you someone how gets harm. This could preserve your life. If you think that you are in the dangerous zone please stay away from that place since animals hidden in the forest areas may attack you suddenly.

Places form Wild Life Photography in India

A very high number nature and sanctuaries have now been established in Indian to provide natural environment to creatures. “TIGER” is Nationwide Creature & “PEACOCK” is Nationwide Chicken of Indian. This is only place on the planet where one can see the grand beauty of Competition in a single visit of Bandhavgarh, Kanha or Ranthambore Nationwide Playground. Competition is now become an Excellent animal of India.
Main Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks in South India
Deccan thorn scrub forests, South Western Ghats montane rain forests, Malabar Coast moist forests
Kerala Wildlife
• Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary • Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary• Thekkady Wildlife Sanctuary • Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary

Tamilnadu Wildlife
• Calimere Wildlife Sanctuary • Crocodile Bank • Kunthakulam Bird Sanctury • Viralimalai Sanctuary

Karnataka Wildlife
• Bandipur National Park • Nagarhole National Park

Main Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks in North India

Wildlife sanctuaries in North India

Bandhavgarh wildlife

Bandhavgarh Nationwide is placed around 195 km off Jabalpur and 210 km off Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh. Regarded as the title in the creatures history of Madhya Pradesh, Bandhavgarh is known for the Noble Bengal Lions, cheetahs, leopard, gaur, Sāmbhar, and many more faunal types. Bandhavgarh Nationwide Playground is in the Vindhya hill variety of Middle Indian complete of mountains and reveries.
• Bharatpur bird sanctuary – Corbett wildlife sanctuary- Ranthambore Wildlife Sanctuary.

Assam wildlife

kaziranga national Park-Dibru saikhowa sanctuary- Orang sanctuary-East karbi Anglong Wildlife Sanctuary- Panidihing Bird Sanctuary- Bordoibam Bilmukh Bird Sanctuary.

Kashmir wildlife
Ramnagar Wildlife Sanctuary- Kishtwar High Altitude National Park-Nandini Wildlife Sanctuary- Surinsar Mansar Wildlife Sanctuary-Jasrota Wildlife Sanctuary-Dachigam National park-Overa Wildlife Sanctuary.

Delhi wildlife

Bandhavgarh National Park- Rajaji National Park –Jim Corbett National Park.

East India wildlife

Arunanchal Pradesh- Namdapha National Park-Flora Fauna National Park.
Orissa- Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary- Chilika Wildlife Sanctuary- Nandankanan Wildlife Sanctuary-Simlipal National Park- Bhitarkanika National Park.

West Wildlife

Gujarat-Wild Ass Wildlife Sanctuary- Sansangir Wildlife Sanctuary- Nal Sarovar Birds Sanctuary- Narayan Sarovar Sanctuary- Balaram Ambaji Wildlife Sanctuary- Gir National Park- Marine National Park
West Bengal Wild Life Photography 
Sunderban National Park- Black Stork Sanctuary- Wild Boar Sanctuary- Leopard Cat sanctuary- Wagtails Sanctuary.
The Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary- Katraj Snake Park-Mayureshwar Wildlife Sanctuary –Peshwe National Park.

Peak Time for Wild Life Photography in India

There is no time limit in the field of Wild Life photography you need to be awake all the time even if it is mid night or in the early morning. But it is wise to photograph the animals during the day time. Since it is difficult and danger to snap wildlife animals during the night time. Nighttimes and Early morning are the best time for shooting pictures and some other variety of creatures. Since the birds are relaxing during the night times and you can get variety of pose in night time.

Low Season-Wild Life Photography in India

With the set of winter around the corner and the days getting shorter and colder spare a thought for the animals and birds.  This time of year as their food becomes less available and some mammals shock up before they go into hibernation.

Minimum Time to Cover:

There will be no set of days for the field of wild life photography. Sometimes you need to spend a full day or a full week or even full month in a forest. More number of times required to collect your desired photographs from the wild life spots. Mostly you need to wait from the arrival of some creatures for more than day or a week.

Prime Occasions:

India is home to several incredible creature sanctuaries and characteristics, which makes this country a characteristics partner heaven. About four percentage of the Indian land is protected with jungles in Indian, which consists of about 482 creature’s sanctuaries and around 90 Nation Parks. Most of the visitors arrived to India to see the well known wildlife species.

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