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Kaula Lumpur is renowned for its renowned places


Kuala Lumpur is being the capital of Malaysia. Its modern skyline is conquered via the 451m-tall Petronas double Towers, a duo of glass-and-steel-clad skyscrapers by means of Islamic patterns. The towers as well offer a civic sky bridge as well as surveillance deck. The metropolis is as well residence to British colonial-era attraction such like the Kuala Lumpur Railway Station as well as the Sultan Abdul Samad Building.



There is a variety of flights land at the global airfield of the city Kaula Lumpur. There are several airdromes located in Jakarta recognize both domiciles as well as international flights.


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Kuala Lumpur has a maritime climate which is suitable for visitor to visit all year round. Kuala Lumpur weather stays very hot and humid most of the time , it does occasionally rainfall which keeps the temperature balanced. Temperature ranges in KL from 21 degree Celsius to 33 degree Celsius.

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Local transport

If you are looking for transportation, there is an extensive system of buses, luminosity rail commuter trains as well as metered taxis that make a deal with the tourists within the city hub and further. This is a busy city with numerous sightseeing chances.


Extraordinary places for journey

KL Tower

The Kaula Lumpur Tower is supposed to be 421m high telecommunications as well as broadcasting tower which in fact becomes visible to be taller as compared to the Petronas Towers since it is constructed on a mountain. Amidst the metropolis of Kuala Lumpur rests the Menara Kuala Lumpur which is at 515m above sea level


. Tourists, as well as executive, soaring in on industry class airfares forever try to find a fine look this tower. Air journey into the metropolis, whether for industry or else enjoyment, is not absolute without seeing these wonders of modern structural design from an airline.


National Mosque of Malaysia


This mosque is situated at Kuala Lumpur.  Having a big ability of 15,000 citizens and is bounded by verdant greenery which extends to a 13-acre ground. The unique construction of the mosque was the creation of a squad of three citizens from the Public Works Department. This mosque was really constructed on the place of a cathedral in the year 1965. This mosque has been placed firm on its grounds since then as well as is now believed as an imperative sign of the Islamic nation of Malaysia.


Sri Mahamariamman temple


This temple located in Kuala Lumpur is supposed to be one of the most admired temples among people attending worship including the visitor's same way. The Sri Mahamariamman shrine was constructed in the year 1873 via K. Thamboosamy Pillai, however, was simply opened to the civic in the 1920s. After enduring time and basics, the innovative formation was restored with the present building in 1968. Nowadays, with additional than a century of the past, the Sri Mahamariamman shrine is considered to be the oldest and the wealthiest Hindu shrine in Kuala Lumpur.


National Textile Museum


This Museum is situated at Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin, Kuala Lumpur, an inheritance building before engaged by different departments and foundations. The structure which was done in the year 1896 is 2 ½ height with a region of 3259 m2 as well as floor region of 3145.3 m2.


Located right in the metropolis is the place Lake Gardens but in spite of being in a middle location, several have not endeavored into this attractive park. Numerous operational in the region are not even conscious of its survival, which is really a disgrace.


Lake Gardens

This backyard covers 91.6 hectares on both sides of parks as well as gardens. Established in the year1888, the place was constructed around a non-natural lake and lots of joggers furthermore families gather there for a saunter, jog or merely a fresh gulp of air. A jogging track is for the sprinters who can also do exercise at the numerous exercise stations alongside the jogging road. Families with children in drag might support the park more where the children can yell in thrill as parents offer them a calm push on the swing otherwise bounce them up furthermore down the see-saws – certainly quality family time really.


Buddhist Maha Vihara


Established in 1894 via Sinhalese settlers, this vihara is one of Kaula Lumpur's chief Theravada Buddhist shrines. It's a specific hive of action about Wesak date, the Buddha's birthday, whilst a very big procession with manifold floats begins from here previous to winding about the metropolis.

Meditation classes happen to be on Monday as well as Thursday at 8 in the evening on a via-donation basis.


Accommodation facilities

Kaula Lumpur inns can, in fact, adapt to all financial plans from famed 5-star hotel makes, to entertainment boutique hotels with calm and original patterns as well as some extremely reasonable lodging for budget tourists.


Dine restaurants

In Kuala Lumpur, having dinner out is everyone's preferred pastime gratitude to the city's lively culinary increase that reflects its international inhabitants. Street marketplaces and foodstuff courts lure in starving passers-by by means of their range of customary Malay stir-fries, highly spiced Indian vegetable curries whilst Chinatown including the Little India present much more reasonably priced, racial eats. For western choice, go after the city's cosmopolitan mass to KLCC, the crowd of stylish dining, rooftop visions and distinguished chefs.



Kuala Lumpur is spilling over with international activities that appeal to explorers from all strolls of life. Whether one can go for shopping, forming the association, golfing or it is exploring the out-of-doors; this metropolis has something for everybody.

The two existing leisure pastimes in the metropolis are shopping by day as well as partying by nighttime.  The inns, jazz clubs with dance grounds appeal to the travelers.


 Sports activity

Numerous activities take place in the metropolis occurring at all times in day and night. If you are looking for an adventure or touring with kids, there are plenty of options available. You can go for theme parks, thrilling rides, well-preserved rainforests as well as agricultural yards. These all force the people to have a great fun.