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Australia To Thailand Flight Guide

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One can take a tour to Thailand from most principal airdromes in Australia.  The individual can obtain a flight from Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, as well as a small number of places such as Virgin Australia as well as several other airlines, even the cheap airlines, to varied destinations.

Airlines From Australia to Thailand-

Direct Flights-

Thai Airways flights
Qantas flights
Emirates flights
Jetstar flights

All Routes-

Singapore Airlines flights
ANA flights
Malindo Air flights
Cathay Pacific flights
Korean Air flights
EVA Air flights
Malaysia Airlines flights
Air New Zealand flights
Kenya Airways flights
More Airlines

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Australia to Thailand Guide
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Thailand known for its eye-catching beaches and Buddhist culture

Thailand is considered to be regarded as a Southeast Asian nation. It’s famous for its steamy beaches, wealthy regal palaces, very old ruins as well as elaborate temples exhibiting figures of Lord Buddha. In Bangkok, the capital, an avant-garde cityscape increases next to calm inland waterway side the public as well as the iconic holy places of Emerald Buddha, Temple Wat Arun, Wat Pho as well as the (Wat Phra Kaew). Close by seashore resorts consist of busy Pattaya as well as stylish Hua Hin.

Memorable places in order to travel

Grand Palace

This palace for all traveler to Bangkok, for the impressive Palace Complex, which consists of the Place of adoration of The Emerald Buddha and also known as Wat Phra Keow is decidedly regarded as one of the surprises of the global today. Within its large grounds is the unusual Buddhist place of worship and at the bosom of the house of God itself is a pleasing Buddha image, molded from one-piece jade-green, which is the sacred and most venerable of spiritual objects in Thailand currently.

Near is the place known as Grand Palace, once the authoritative residence of the Monarchs of Siam – built in conventional Thai building amalgamated with European designs. One can also visit The Ruler Ceremonial Hall as well as The Royal Coronation Hallway. This castle has an area consisting of 218,400 so. meters in addition to is encircled by walls constructed in the year1783. The total length of the 4 walls is 1900 meters. Within the walls are located government administrative unit including the Emerald Buddha besides the regal residences.

Wat Arun

After the downfall of Ayuthaya, King Taksin in a ceremonial manner clinched control here on this place of a local place of worship and constituted a royal castle and a place of worship to home the Emerald Buddha. The building was renamed later the Indian god of the morning (Aruna) and in accolade of the actual and symbolical initiation of a brand-new Ayuthaya.

One of Bangkok’s most famed landmarks and best-known from numerous postal card, the place is foremost known for its large prang, a pillar on the Chao Phra stream bank constructed in Khmer architectural sort. The wreck with its tallness of above  80 meters is regarded as the highest in the country.

Khao Yai National Park

Established in the year 1962 as Thailand’s initial nationalistic park, it is regarded as the third larger national parkland in Thailand. Located chiefly in Nakhon Ratchasima Domain, Khao Yai expands into Prachinburi, Saraburi including  Nakhon Nayok domains. Khao Yai is merely 3 hours distance away from Bangkok.
This  Park covers above than 2,000 so km of woods and area in central Thailand. Above 50 km of a hike as well as  biking trails air current through the longstanding nature conserve, and its numerous falls include 150-meter tall Haew Narok  including the 20metre tall Haew Suwat, undying in the Danny Boyle movie ‘The Beach.’ The parkland also shelters different wildlife, for instance, gibbons, elephants, bears, and hornbills.


Bangkok is Thailand ‘s  blaring of sights as well as sounds that beautifully rewards urban searchers inclined to get a tiny lost in the metropolis. Filled with non-stop activity, guts, character, and whatsoever of the foremost inexpensive eats in the worldwide.
This is a frantic jigsaw problem of lofty skyscrapers, brilliant taxicabs, motor vehicle taxis, and over busy pedestrians. When you trip Bangkok you observe what this different city—a merger of old as well as new—has to provide. It might be a busy city, but at morning you can perceive Buddhist monks clothed in yellowish robes filling the neighborhood. Like the whole of Thailand, there is an enormous give-and-take and bartering: haggle at marketplace is the measure. You will discover a broad extent of acts to divert yourself, from the past and spiritual to shopping, veranda, and spas.


If you desire for restful beaches and mound swaying in the air, make a crisp U-turn earlier going far in Pattaya. The city with numerous beer bars, go-go social club and rub down parlors. However, Pattaya is known for the mega shopping hubs and comforts. Pattaya is beside the place to an increasing number of ethnic and action-packed attractiveness and global eating place.
The metropolis is built about Ao Pattaya, a broad, crescent-shaped water that was regarded as one of Thailand’s initial land resorts in the year1960s while American GIs came here for few R&R. North Pattaya is regarded as a more downmarket region while Pattaya South is the nightlife center.

Ko Samui

Ko Samui, Thailand’s 2nd biggest islet, situated in the Thailand Gulf off the east seashore of the Kra Earth. It’s better-known for its palm decorated beaches, coconut palm groves, and heavy, mountainous rain woods, plus luxuriousness resorts as well as posh spas. The juncture 12m-tall gold Big Buddha sculpture at Wat Phra Yai Place of worship is placed on a petite island affiliated to Ko Samui via a road.